York County Men's Soccer League

Rules and Regulations

I  Field Size

·         The field of play shall be approximately 75 X 100 yards

II Players and Substitutions

1.      Each team will play with 9 players on the field.

2.      All players must be listed on the team roster.  Teams may add players to the roster during the regular season.  No players shall be added to the roster after the start of the last regular season game.  No players not on the roster at the end of regular season may play in the playoffs.

3.      A limit of 25 players may be added to a team roster

4.      Once a player’s name is on the roster and he has played in a game his name will not be removed for the remainder of the season.  I.e. he will count as one of the 25-man roster.

5.   Players may not play for more than one team in the same divisions

6.   All substitutions must take place within 5 yards of mid-field and may be “on the fly”.  The penalty for not adhering to this rule is a yellow card upon the second infraction.

III. Player Equipment

            1. Shin guards are recommended, but not required.

            2. Casts will be inspected by the official

            3. Any equipment deemed dangerous by the official must be removed.

            4. Shirts will be provided by the League.

5. Keepers must wear a different color jersey than his own team, the opposing team, or the referee.

IV. Times and Duration of Game

            1. Games shall consist of two-30 minute halves

            2. Games shall start promptly at 6:00 pm and 7:10

            3. Half time intervals shall be 5 minutes.

V. Points of Emphasis:

            1. The home team shall either choose a goal to defend or kickoff.

            2. There shall be no “off sides”.

            3. “Kickoffs” may be forward or backward.

 VI. Fouls, Misconduct and Officiating:

1.      Cautioned Player – 2 minute penalty, no substitution.  Exception: if a goal is scored before the 2-minute penalty time has expired, a cautioned player may re-enter the field of play Cautions of bench personnel will result in a two minute penalty for that individual, during which time that player cannot sub back on to the field. In this instance, the team will not receive an "on-field' penalty of surrendering a player for 2 minutes.   The “Cautioned Player” rules also apply to the goal-keeper.  If a goal-keeper receives a two-minute penalty he must come off the field for two minutes.  Any other player may substitute as keeper during the two minutes.  In the interest of time the substitute keeper will not be required to change his jersey.  I.e. he can wear his team jersey, thereby not causing an interruption to the game.

2.      Ejected Player (2 yellow or 1 red card) – Player ejected for remainder of that game, no substitutions

3.      Yellow and red cards will be recorded by the referee and reported to The League Commissioner.  Players will be disciplined according to the following point system:

a.       Two yellow cards in the same game is equivalent to a red card

b.      Red card =  3 points

c.       Yellow card = 1 point

d.      3 points = 1-game suspension

e.       5 points = Additional 2-game suspension

f.       7 points = dismissal from The League for the remainder of the season and a 3-game suspension to be enforced during the following season

4.      Fighting with other players and any physical contact with the official will not be tolerated.  Any player that enters the field of play from the bench to participate in, instigate or provoke violence will automatically be suspended for a minimum of one game.  Any team that participates in a “bench clearing brawl” will automatically forfeit their next regular season game.

5.      Additional discipline will be at the discretion of the game and head official

6.      Except as noted, all NFHS rules shall be enforced.

7.      All referee’s decisions are final.

8.      Comments and criticism concerning the referees should be submitted to the League Commissioner

VII.         Forfeits

1.      If a team cannot field a full team at game-time, the game will start on time and may be played with the players available.  A team may forfeit the game at any time if they so choose.  There shall be no minimum number of players required.

2.      If a team “picks up” additional players from other teams (i.e. non-roster players) to fill-in for their missing players they will forfeit the match, regardless of whether or not it is acceptable to the opposing team.

VIII     High School Division

1.                  All players on a team in the high school division shall be in high school the year ending before the summer season begins (May of the current year).  I.e. a player having just graduated the current year shall be eligible to play.

2.                  Exception:  All high school teams may add any two non-high school players to their roster.

IX. Playoff format

1.      In case of a tie in the standings at the end of the regular season the tiebreaker system will be determined by

a.       Head to head completion

b.      Record within division (if tie is between two teams in same division)

c.       Goal Differential

d.      Shoot out

2.      Playoff games (except for the championship game) ending in a tie penalty kicks will determine the winner.

a.       Each team shall select 5 players to take penalty kicks. 

b.      If the score is tied after 5 penalty kicks each team shall choose a new player to take one additional penalty kick until one team scores and the other misses. 

3.      Championship Game

a.       If the Championship Game ends regulation time in a tie the match will be decided by two additional 10 minute Sudden Death/Golden Goal periods.

b.      If the match is still tied after the Sudden Death/Golden Goal periods, penalty kicks will determine the Champion

                                                                                                                          i.      Each team shall select 5 players to take penalty kicks. 

                                                                                                                        ii.      If the score is tied after 5 penalty kicks each team shall take one additional penalty kick until one team scores and the other misses